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2017 Highlights

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family. I am always blessed to spend Christmas with my family and have an Italian Christmas dinner with my aunt Cora and Uncle Charlie (he wanted a newsletter shoutout so he got one!).

It was also nice spending New Years Eve with my family and watching the ball drop with my wife.



November Newsletter 2017

Two Years ago during this time we were just leaving Brazil after being there for four months. What a whirlwind our lives have been since we came home from Brazil. We love and miss the people of Brazil a lot but are so thankful for God’s leading to come home. A few months after being back in the States Hanna was able to deliver our second child safely and her Doctor was also able to spot a cancerous growth. We thank God that it was successfully removed in 2016.

These past four months have been quite busy for us! On September 2nd, our third girl, Nikea was born! She is so precious and we thank God for her life. Her name is from the Greek, hupernikeo, which means to be more than a conqueror or to gain a surpassing victory. It comes from Romans 8:37 which says that we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us.


Not only have we been busy with the birth of our third daughter, but Hanna has had a variety of very important doctor appointments. Unfortunately last month we found out that Hanna has cancer in her throat again. She will have surgery at the end of this month to remove the small tissue in her neck that is cancerous.

We really appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery, a great recovery and that she would not have any more traces of cancer, anywhere!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support of this ministry. I am believing God for many more opportunities to preach His gospel to make disciples of the nations in 2018!

I pray that in the midst of trials and discomforts that we all face, that we can always be thankful to God for His goodness towards us and His love for us. May this thanksgiving be filled with joy and peace in the presence of God and family.

“Here is a standing reason for thanksgiving. Although we may not always be healthy, nor always prosperous, yet God is always good, and, therefore, there is always a sufficient argument for giving thanks unto Jehovah. That he is a good God essentially, that he cannot be otherwise than good, should be a fountain out of which the richest praises should perpetually flow.” Charles Spurgeon


June/July/August Newsletter

June/July/August Newsletter 2017

Fruitful Time in Colombia

On June 1st I traveled to Bogota, Colombia to minister the word of God. I was the sole speaker for a conference at a church in Bogota for Friday night and Saturday night. I spoke on the 5 Solas (Christ alone, Faith alone, Grace alone, Scripture alone, to the glory of God alone) of the Protestant Reformation. I then was blessed to minister two services at a church that I am growing more and more fond of. They are an awesome church that is doing their part to make disciples in their cultural context. I will be going back to do another 5 Solas conference with their church in the fall.





Above and below are a few pics of those events. I have been very busy traveling to Colombia, SA, Culumbia, SC to minister for my good friend’s wedding, and with taking our family vacation. This has been the reason for a three in one newsletter. I had an amazing trip to South Carolina and it was such an honor to be there to officiate the wedding, spend time with friends, and share the gospel with so many people who attended. I am excited to officiate two more weddings in September. Thank you for your prayers and support for our family! Hanna is ready to have our third girl on August 30th.  We have decided that her name is Nikea. Next newsletter I will tell all about the awesome meaning behind it.


January/February Newsletter

January/February Newsletter 2017


I now have my tickets booked to go back to Brazil! The trip will be March 23rd-April 3rd. I will go back to where we lived for four   months, Campina Grande. The Lord is still in the process of setting up all the details of the meetings. But I know a few things that I will be doing while in Brazil. I will be working once again with Rhema Brazil Missions school. They continue to raise up Brazilians that are hungry to go make disciples of the nations. It’s always an honor to pour into people who have that flame of God in their hearts for the great commission.


I will be doing a conference with the church that I spoke at last time I was in Brazil, the same as in the picture above. They have wonderful pastors and a good group of people. As I have said before, no matter the church or the opportunity, I will be preaching Christ and Him crucified. Life goes by to fast to focus on things of lesser importance.
When I was in Colombia I did a conference where I taught on the 5 Solas(core doctrines) of the Protestant Reformation. I will be again doing a conference similar to this in Brazil. I feel this is so important in our day because it hits on the very foundation of what makes up Biblical Christianity. In a nation that has been steeped in mysticism and a religious system that says a person is saved by faith plus their own merit, the truth of the gospel is most needed! The truth that a person is saved by faith alone and that their own good works are but filthy rags before the eyes of a holy God are things that today’s church needs a continual reminder of. Martin Luther said that this doctrine of justification by faith alone is the truth by which the church stands or falls. He could not have been more right. I am so excited to get to Brazil to speak, not a new word, but an old word that is true throughout eternity!
I also am believing God to go to Rio De Janiero for a time of ministry and prayer. This is a city that has been on my heart for about 4 years now.

The total cost of this trip will be $2100. If God would put it on your heart to support me on this trip, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for helping us reach the lost, empower believers and transform nations!

In other news. Hanna is expecting…..again! It was a total shocker to us too. Hanna has gone from having a baby, to having surgery to remove cancer, to again having a baby. Your prayers for our family is greatly appreciated!

January Newsletter:




November/December Newsletter

Family Update

My wife Hanna had surgery today on November the 17th to remove her lymph nodes. Some time after we got back from Brazil and after Hanna had Aria, her Dr. found cancer in her throat again. But Hanna had successful surgery to remove the lymph nodes. Praise God!
Here is what I wrote about it on Facebook:
“I have one tough wife. She is only 30 years old but beat cancer twice! Actually every year since 2012 Hanna has either had a surgery to remove cancer or she has had a baby!
I walked through the hospital this morning feeling very thankful to God who always provides and always takes care of us.”

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About Me
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