June/July/August Newsletter
June/July/August Newsletter 2017 Fruitful Time in Colombia On June 1st I traveled to Bogota, Colombia to minister the word of God. I was the sole speaker for a conference at a church in Bogota for Friday night and Saturday night. I spoke on the 5 Solas (Christ alone, Faith alone, Grace alone, Scripture alone, to the glory of God alone) of the Protestant Reformation. I then was blessed to minister two services at a church that I am growing more and more fond of. They are an awesome church that is doing their part to make disciples in their cultural context.[...]
January/February Newsletter
January/February Newsletter 2017 Brazil!   I now have my tickets booked to go back to Brazil! The trip will be March 23rd-April 3rd. I will go back to where we lived for four   months, Campina Grande. The Lord is still in the process of setting up all the details of the meetings. But I know a few things that I will be doing while in Brazil. I will be working once again with Rhema Brazil Missions school. They continue to raise up Brazilians that are hungry to go make disciples of the nations. It’s always an honor to pour[...]
November/December Newsletter
Family Update My wife Hanna had surgery today on November the 17th to remove her lymph nodes. Some time after we got back from Brazil and after Hanna had Aria, her Dr. found cancer in her throat again. But Hanna had successful surgery to remove the lymph nodes. Praise God! Here is what I wrote about it on Facebook: “I have one tough wife. She is only 30 years old but beat cancer twice! Actually every year since 2012 Hanna has either had a surgery to remove cancer or she has had a baby! I walked through the hospital this morning[...]
October Newsletter 2016
2016 Dinner Fundraiser! On Saturday October the 22nd at 4 P.M. we are having our 3rd annual fundraiser. It will be located at Grace Fellowship Church, 622 Old Lancaster Pike, Shillington, 19607. This is a great opportunity to hear all about what the Lord is doing in our ministry, what our future plans are and how we are continuing to reach the nations with the good news of Jesus Christ! Lately the Lord has been speaking to me about an even greater focus about the preaching and teaching of the gospel. During the dinner fundraiser there will be free food, games, prizes,[...]
September Newsletter 2016
We Have a New Home! On Friday August 19th we moved into our new home! For the past 8 months we had been living in an apartment below the house of friends of ours. When we came home from the mission field in December Adam and Gwen Stasko so generously offered to allow us to  stay in their apartment rent free to allow us to save for a new home. They said when they bought the home and saw the apartment attached to it, that they always had it in their heart to have available for someone in need, maybe[...]
July/August 2016 Newsletter
Colombia Highlights I recently got back from a 10 day trip to Bogota, Colombia. I ministered 9 times while there. There were many people who gave testimony that God gave them a new heart as they believed the gospel for the first time! I also had a tremendous time teaching about the 5 solas of the protestant reformation. These are the 5 core doctrines that the reformers taught during this great move of God. I focused on scripture alone as our guide to life and doctrine. I also taught on faith alone. This was the main focus of the reformers.[...]
June Newsletter 2016
June Newsletter 2016 2016 Fundraiser Picnic This will be the third year in a row Drew Thomas Ministries has had a fundraiser picnic. We are excited to have another one this fall. Every year ministry supporters and friends get together and hear about what God is doing in this ministry and the continued direction and vision going forth. We have games, prizes, great food and fun. I will announce the exact date as soon as we get one in place.  
April Newsletter 2016
March Newsletter 2016
Aria is Here!      Aria Hahee Thomas was born on February 23rd weighing in at 7 pounds 9 ounces! Hanna did such a great job through labor. Hanna’s labor only took about an hour and half once she started having heavy contractions.
February Newsletter 2016
February Newsletter 2016  Aria Almost Here!  We have finally agreed on a name for our  second baby girl.   לביאה or in English it is Aria.  It means lioness of God in Hebrew. It’s is the female version of Ariel. We are thanking God for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby girl. Hanna and I are also very excited to to have  Hanna’s mom, Kyung, arriving February 15 to stay with us for one whole month.     30 Inches of snow! Zoe had a great time. What Did You Think of the Record Snowfall?  We loved it! Friday[...]
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