Brazil is a nation for special to my heart. We have a special calling to the people of Brazil. Although I will still travel to many other nations, Brazil will continue to be the focus of this ministry. After my first trip to Brazil in 2013 I knew that God was calling my wife and I to Brazil. We took a trip as a family to meet with Rhema directors Pastor Bud and Jan Wright.

After a wonderful and anointed time of fellowship with them our love for Brazil grew even more. We sold everything we had and decided to move there in August of 2015. A month before we left we were surprised to find out that Hanna was pregnant! After spending 4 months living in Brazil, due to medical complications, we knew it was best for us to return to the United States where Hanna and the baby could get the care they needed.

We are still praying about the right timing to possibly move back in the future. For now I will continue taking short term trips to Brazil to make disciples of the nations. Brazil is ripe for the harvest and I am excited to be apart of the great work God is doing in the Brazilian people!

Please read this letter from Pastor Jan Wright, director of Rhema Brazil. This might help you understand more of what God has done and is doing in Brazil!

I would like to recommend Drew Thomas, a fellow Rhema Graduate and evangelist, as a missionary to help us here at Verbo da Vida (Word of Life) Ministries / Rhema Brazil to carry out the plan of God for Brazil and reaching out to all the nations.

There is revival fire burning in the hearts of the people here in Brazil and the Word we received for 2014 is to accelerate. This nation is ripe for the harvest and we need help to bring them into the kingdom of God. To do that the Lord is calling more people to come help us. Drew Thomas with his wife, Hanna, and their daughter Zoe will be a blessing to help us carry out God’s plan. The Lord has confirmed in their hearts before they left Brazil in November 2013 that Brazil was where he wanted them to serve Him. So it will be profitable to hook up with them to do what the Lord is calling them to do here in Brazil!

My husband, Bud and I, celebrated 30 years as a missionary here in Brazil this year. We were called to the nation to take His Word to his people in Brazil and set them free. We did our part and the Lord brought the increase. He told us to put a work in every capital city of Brazil and from the capital they will fill the state. We have done that! We are Rhema Brazil and had 60 Rhemas in 2013 and now in 2014 we will have 74 Rhemas (6 of them in other nations) under our supervision and 230 or more churches. He told Bud that that our ministry will go to all the nations.

Bud completed all the Lord told him to do. His last days was teaching healing in the Healing Center the Lord told him to start one year ago and trained many to start one in their cities. My husband died of a massive heart attack on November 7th of this year (2013) and went home to be with the Lord. It was his desire to go now and he just said he did not feel good and dropped his head and was gone. He laid a strong foundation for us all to grow on and a left great legacy here. Drew Thomas stayed with us a week before Bud went him to be with the Lord and he was able to talk to Bud a lot while he was here.

Blessings from Brazil,

Jan Wright

President of Verbo da Vida Ministries/ Rhema Brazil

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